Wimborne Minster Folk Festival 2017

In June, we headed down to Wimborne Minster for their annual folk festival.

We spent a nice relaxed Saturday on the campsite and enjoying the town and festivities. Then, on the Sunday, we took part in the morning service on the minster green, followed by several spots around town. We also got a chance to dance with Anonymous Morris, the side who we learnt Duel of Honour from. We duelled them for the right to continue dancing the dance, and comported ourselves with honour. We can still dance the dance, for another year, at least.

Our entire repertoire got danced, and by the end of the day they all looked better then we had ever danced them before.

MD Squared being danced near the Square

Dancing Tattered Crow outside the Minster

#MDSquared #Windmills #Duel #DIY #TatteredCrow #WimborneMinster

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